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Online Nikah through Wakeel/Proxy

An Online Nikah is the Easiest Way to get Married

You can get married online quickly and easily with an online Nikah. We’ll need you to fill out a form for Nikah online and send it to us. We will then schedule an appointment for you with any of our offices in Karachi, Islamabad, or Lahore for your wedding ceremony. If you live in another city in Pakistan but still wish to have a halal nikah ceremony performed by a Qazi sahib/Nikah Registrar, we also offer online nikah services.

Online Nikah

What is Online Nikah?

How Do I Get an Online Nikah?

  • Nikah performed online is called an online nikah.
  • It is necessary to have two witnesses at an online nikah in order for it to be valid.
  • It is important that the nikah khawan perform a marriage ceremony in your area of residence and has the necessary legal qualifications.
  • It is also necessary that the bride and groom be present during the ceremony at their respective locations, which is usually done by Skype or by using Whatsapp Video Calling.

An Online Nikah is a Suitable Option for Traditional Marriages

The online nikah process has never been easier! Online marriage services make it easy for you to have a civil ceremony or a traditional Muslim wedding. There are a variety of online dating services that can enable you to find someone who is looking for the same things in life as you are and then get married in under an hour if both parties are in agreement.

These services are available to anyone with access to the internet and are free to use. We do not require you to leave your home to conduct your nikah; you simply log on, select the nikah service that best suits your needs, provide some basic information about you and your future spouse, and pay with PayPal or credit card (which eliminates the need for cash).

Can I Book My Nikah Online?

You can easily, quickly, and affordably book a Nikah online. The Sharia law is also kept in mind so all the details are taken care of according to Sharia law.

Online Nikkah booking is as follows:


  • Join our website by registering
  • Your Nikah ceremony can be held in the morning, evening, or during the day.

Online Nikah in Pakistan is a Simple Process

The nikah process in Pakistan is simpler than the marriage process. A typical online nikah procedure takes just 20 minutes to complete if you already have your documents prepared.

It begins with the groom reading out his consent in front of witnesses at our office or another location with high-speed internet access, a video camera, and a microphone (if you want them). We will then scan and upload the signed consent papers to our website via the e-mail address given by the client during the registration process. Both parties will sign the consent papers with their thumbprints on the signature page. It is then necessary to return the scanned documents via email or courier services such as DHL Express/FedEx, etc., which typically takes two to three days from Pakistan, depending on your location.

Nikah Online is Convenient and Cost

Convenience and cost are the most obvious reasons for getting married online. The ceremony can be performed anywhere and at any time, without having to travel. It’s a virtual, easy-to-understand ceremony that’s less expensive than traditional nikah ceremonies because it’s a virtual ceremony.

Today’s busy lifestyles often make elaborate wedding ceremonies impossible to plan, and thus, online nikah is an appealing option in our fast-paced world.

Online Nikah provides an alternative way to have your wedding officiated by an authorized Islamic religious authority while keeping in mind all the important details that make up such an occasion: family members can take part in the ceremony through video calls; there are options for traditional music; you can choose whether guests should wear white; there are prayers and blessings before or after the ceremony (depending on what type of ceremony you’d like); everything is documented with photographs so that those who couldn’t attend still feel included…and more!

Online nikah

Online Nikah is the Best Way to get Married

    • It is possible to solemnize nikah online from anywhere in the world. It can be done at home without going to the relatives’ place or office.
    • You don’t need anything more than a computer and an internet connection! You won’t have to wait in traffic jams or in long registrar queues anymore.
    • Online nikahs are more affordable than official wedding ceremonies since there are no costly rituals involved, and there are no middlemen that try to take advantage of you.
    • A flexible method: All your wedding-related arrangements can be handled online with ease, from finding a local wedding officiant to planning how many guests to invite. It is important to ensure that both parties agree before proceeding with this process so that there will not be any misunderstandings later if someone does not like what was written beforehand (for example, the payment details).
    • The absence of stress: As our daily lives are already hectic, finding a quick and easy way out when trying something new can save us a lot of stress.

    Online Nikah Information

    NIKAH We are glad to assist you in any way possible regarding Nikah (Nikkah), Qazi (Nikah Khawan), or Nikah Registrar. You can reach us via e-mail, WhatsApp, SMS, online web form on our website, or by telephone. Our offices are open from 10 AM to 7 PM in Karachi and Islamabad.

Online nikah