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Accounting and Auditing Service in Karachi, Islamabad, and Rawalpindi

Accounting Services are provided to Organizations by Chartered Accountants and Cost and Management Accountants in Karachi, Islamabad & Rawalpindi.

As you focus on your core business and strategic issues, we will take care of your bookkeeping and accounting. We will develop a financial reporting system that meets the needs of your company.

Pakistan Law Organization offers a variety of accounting services under the supervision of chartered accountants to complete the outsourcing of bookkeeping, payroll, and functions. We provide you with accurate and up-to-date financial data, as well as ensure that your company is able to produce financial reports on time.

Accounting and Auditing Service

Accounting & Auditing Services by Taxocrate

Pakistan Law Organization Accountants and Auditors provide services to large and small businesses in the following areas:

  • Help clients with accounting issues by providing opinions and advice.
  • Preparation and consolidation of financial statements.
  • GAAP and other international accounting standards are followed in the Financial Statement Preparation.
  • Financial Statement Preparation.
  • A goodwill valuation, a brand valuation, a business valuation, etc.
  • The selection of accounting software that fits your needs or the design of accounting software from scratch.
  • Accounting system improvement and study suggestions.
  • To guide procedures, accounting policies, systems adopted by a company, chart design, etc.
Accounting and Auditing Service

In Addition to Accounting/Bookkeeping, We Provide the Following Services

  • The General Ledger.
  • Receivables Management.
  • Payables Management.
  • Reconciliation of Bank Accounts and Cash.
  • Payroll.
  • An Inventory.
  • Intangible Assets/ Fixed Assets.
  • The Preparation of Financial Statements.


As accountant professionals at Pakistan Law, we work hard to assist organizations with their financial reporting and operations.

What are Audits?

The purpose of an audit is to evaluate financial information independently. Users can use third-party reports to make investments and other decisions based on the organization’s information. Auditors review all reports provided by the organization to end users. Conducting an objective and thorough audit is essential.

Auditing should be conducted in a business-oriented manner for the Firm. Auditors traditionally focus on records and accounting systems, but it focuses on gaining a deeper understanding of the client’s business. By examining our competency in the business and other services we provide, we examine more than just the financial statements; we examine our audit procedures and appropriate sources of audit evidence. We use the information we gain from other services we provide during the year to provide management with constructive advice. Therefore, we focus both on clients and industries.

Tax Auditing

The income tax act requires assessees with a turnover or total receipts exceeding Rs.4 million in any recent year to have their accounts audited and to provide a report to the income tax department based on section 44AB. Professionals from our team conduct audits of this type.

Accounting and Auditing Service

The Aim

When preparing financial statements, auditors must follow accounting principles and statutory requirements. A true and fair picture of the financial position and operating results must be presented to third parties by auditors. They can also review proposals that will affect the entity’s financial position in the future.

The Audit of Statutory Purposes

A chartered accountant must audit every cooperative society or company registered in Pakistan every year. Companies and cooperative societies are subject to such statutory audits.

Internal Audits/Concurrent Audits

It is necessary to conduct an internal audit in large businesses to review daily transactions and formulate boosting systems. To conduct internal audits effectively, it is essential to identify entities that are owned and controlled by different parties. A talented member of our community can conduct such an audit.

Identifying and Verifying Inventory, Fixed Assets, and Stock On Hand

Stock and fixed assets in trade are typically physically verified by an independent agency once a year.